NYC is for Besties

New York City– the first stop on my four-month round-the-world adventure, and one of my favorite cities in the world.

This year I ventured to the Big Apple with my best friend, Alyssa, also known affectionately as Lizard. (And it wasn’t our first trip- one year we both worked backstage at New York Fashion Week together!)

The first item of business after six months of not seeing each other? Craft beer. Obviously.

After lunch we headed back to our cozy room at the Best Western Seaport Inn. Seaport Inn is truly a gem, with fluffy beds and prime views of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is located in the Seaport neighborhood, a pocket of charm and calm in the financial district with a beautiful waterfront and quaint brick streets.





Our second order of business? Wandering. From roaming under red lanterns in Chinatown to pretend-shopping for my dream brownstone in the Meatpacking District to stopping for coffees the size of my head at Angélique, NYC was lovely as usual.


I’ve noticed my favorite American cities are the ones geographically confined to an island or peninsula like NYC or San Francisco. The space limitation makes cities walkable and leads to neighborhoods being jam-packed with cafés, restaurants and bars. (Kind of like Europe, ha.)

Also we made a few stops at my favorite shops on Bleeker: Bond, Alexis Bittar, MAC (where I tried on Ruby Woo, MAC’s most dramatic red lipstick of course).

And I noticed my favorite French shops popping up all of NYC: Zadig & Voltaire, ASH, Comptoir des Cotonniers. (I use favorite loosely- I have never bought anything from any of those stores. I would like to though!)




Chelsea Market

The next day we headed to Chelsea Market per the recommendation of C’est Christine. Um, guys, the next time you’re in NYC, please go there.

Chelsea Market is an indoor market with excellent food, trendy clothes and vintage jewelry- all of the good things in life, right? I resisted buying some vintage 1970s gold and onyx jewelry but it was a very close call. (My backpacker budget doesn’t allow for many $70 pairs of earrings, sadly.)IMG_5408

And because I couldn’t decide between green curry pie and a bánh mì, I had Italian. (Even though I was days away from heading to Venice. Sue me.)

At Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina Lizard and I ordered pasta e fagiole, a.k.a. butter-soft beans with homemade pasta, as well as a side of roasted brussels sprouts. Because we like to pretend to be healthy.


Highline Park

After lunch we stretched our legs at Highline Park, a railroad turned park à la one of my favorite spots in Paris, the Promenade plantée.


While I imagine Highline would be better in summer, we still enjoyed our brownies while basking in the weak winter sun. IMG_5364 IMG_5431

And then? We were off to Europe!

Seaport Inn offered me a night’s stay in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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17 thoughts on “NYC is for Besties”

  1. Craft beer. Oh, craft beer, how I miss you. One of the only things amiss outside of major cities in Korea. I love New York; beautiful photos!

  2. the highline is gorgeous in the summer! And I loved Chelsea Market too, I went last year and had some great vegan food, despite not being veggie, I loved it! Your post makes me long for NYC again…sigh. WHY SO FAR AWAY?

  3. I need to stop reading things about NYC because it makes me want to move there so much and I just cannot afford it! Blah.

    Also, YOUR PHOTOS. I keep saying it, but man, I need some pointers from you.

  4. Looks so fun but MAN you’re killing me with the food! I can’t get food like that in Korea–and craft beer!!! Simultaneous drooling and whimpering because I can’t have ittttt…. But like Amanda said, gorgeous photos!

  5. I have family in Manhattan so as a kid I went all the time being only 2 hours away. Now as an adult living much further away, I rarely get there which is sad, especially with terrific posts that showcase how much of a one of a kind city it is. One that a person can always go back to and find something new.

    Love your shot of the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s probably one of my favorite structures.

  6. NYC is always a treat to be in. Last time I was there was my first visit to Katz’s Deli and is still the BEST sandwich I’ve ever had.

  7. I love New York. It’s such an amazing city. But I’ve never actually made it to Chelsea Market. It looks awesome and I’ll have to add it to my list for next time. Great photos! It looks like you had a fabulous time :)

  8. New York is definitely one of my favorite cities in the world. How have I never heard of the Chelsea Markets? They sound kind of like Smorgasborg in Brooklyn. I will definitely be heading there next time I’m in New York, thanks for the tips!

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