The World Traveler Giveaway! JBL Speaker, olloclip iPhone Camera & More [CLOSED]

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Edna of Expat Edna!

So, I’m kind of a travel accessory nut. I’m one of those people who can’t travel without her eye mask or Kindle, and I routinely devour those “10 Travel Essentials for Every Travel Addict” lists that float around the interwebs.

Which is why I’m super excited about my World Traveler Giveaway, which features lots of portable, useful and fun travel products that will make both your travels (and life!) so much easier.

Also I intentionally made this giveaway unisex– so guys, definitely enter too!

In my humble opinion, this list of products would serve as excellent holiday wishlist inspiration, or great gifts for friends and family. (In fact I already bought my brother the JBL Flip 2 speaker for Christmas. Thank God he doesn’t read this blog.)

Now onto the goodies…

JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


This JBL speaker may be compact, but it packs some serious sound. I discovered this speaker through a travel buddy and was shocked that such loud music was playing from such a small speaker.

This speaker has tons of cool features: Bluetooth, a built-in bass port, built-in microphones, SoundClear® echo noise cancellation technologies and a rechargeable battery. And take it from me- it’s awesome to have a speaker on the road, whether to play in the hostel dorm or for your own private workout sesh.

olloclip 4-in-1 Quick Connect iPhone Lens


iPhoneography is getting bigger and bigger, and the olloclip allows you to be seriously creative with your iPhone.

When I travel I often ditch my dSLR and simply use my iPhone, which is easier because a. it’s less obvious I’m taking a photo and b. it’s so much lighter. And with the olloclip have you have tons of versatility: you can shoot wideangle, fish eye and two types of macro. Personally, I adore the fish eye effect.

For some of my olloclip shots see my Instagram, or check out the olloclip account for their absolutely amazing shots.

Sanuk Travel-Ready Footwearunnamed

In my mind, every traveler needs a pair of comfortable, attractive walking shoes that don’t make you look like an obvious tourist (cough, cough, white tennis shoes.) Which is where Sanuk comes in.

Sanuk makes amazingly comfortable travel shoes– I’m a huge fan of my Katlash pair. And while Sanuk makes travel-friendly shoes for both men and women in all kinds of colors, I’d recommend black for long-term travel as black holds up best against stains.

Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger

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I SO WISH I would’ve had this charger on my world trip last year.

First of all, it has TWO USB PORTS, and I cannot stress the importance of this enough. This means you can simultaneously charge your smart phone and Kindle, two smart phones, a smart phone and iPad, etc.

belkin-be-BST300bg-5-1Additionally the charger swivels up to 360 degrees to fit in tight spaces and avoid blocking other outlets, and includes surge protection- something seriously useful when you’re traveling in countries with shoddy electrical work.


And one final bonus the swivel charger is covered by a $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty. This means Belkin will repair or replace any equipment damaged by a surge, spike or lightning strike while properly connected to the surge protector, up to $75,000.


Belkin AIR PROTECT™ Grip Extreme Protective Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s

After my iPhone 4 broke in Asia, I vowed to use a better case for my brand-new iPhone 5S- so I went with Belkin. As a self-admitted klutz I’ve dropped my poor phone countless times, but my Belkin case has kept it unsmashed for the past year. Which is why I couldn’t recommend Belkin phone cases more- if they can withstand my abuse, they can withstand anyone’s.belkin-be-F8W416-1

The AIR PROTECT case has a couple of unique features- it has a shockproof polycarbonate framework to keep your phone protected, as well as easy access to all charging ports, making it perfect for the serious traveler.

Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter


I brought a headphone splitter on my world trip and it was awesome for long bus rides with travel buddies, as we easily watch the same movie or listen to the same music. The RockStar allows you to connect up to five headphones, and while you will most likely not need that many ports, it’s still handy to have multiple.

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Note: International readers, feel free to enter- I will ship these goodies wherever you are! But you may have to pay duty depending on your country of residence.

Disclaimer- Olloclip, Sanuk and Belkin provided me with products for review. All opinions obviously are my own.


This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). Please read my disclosure for more info.
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53 thoughts on “The World Traveler Giveaway! JBL Speaker, olloclip iPhone Camera & More [CLOSED]”

  1. Awesome giveaway! You’re giving away so many helpful prizes! The two that i’d be most excited to win would be the Sanuk Travel Ready Footwear because i’m always trying to find a great pair of shoes to travel with that are both comfy, but versatile with different outfits! I’d also love the Olloclip 4-in-1 Quick Connect iPhone Lens because I usually use my phone to take the majority of my pictures. I have a really nice camera that I bought for my first big trip around Europe, but it’s bulky and always so much easier to just snap quick pictures with my phone. Anyways, I always love reading your travel stories and am excited for your new adventure in Colorado! Happy Holidays! :)

  2. All of these products look amazing! As I am about to embark on my first solo traveling adventure, so many of these could come in handy. I’m especially excited about the olloclip as I am an avid photographer myself:)

  3. These all look like some quality gadgets and gifts, Ashley—thanks for putting together this giveaway! If the olloclip fits on my 5G iPod touch, that would be my first choice; otherwise, the Belkin swivel charger looks pretty rad.

  4. We definitely share the same obsession. I also have a major addiction to the travel size section of my local drug store. That place is my kryptonite.

  5. I’ve had my Belkin Surge Protector for a few years now and still take it everywhere I go when I have my laptop bag or travelling. It’s also a great way to make friends at the airport when there are limited outlets. It can get interesting when you use it with a converter too!

    I’ve been looking for a decent lens kit for my iPhone 6 but have yet to find one. I either need to add a magnetic ring, take the case off, or the lens isn’t made specifically for the device. Are there any other options that you looked at before the olloclip?


  6. So many great prizes! I love my Olloclip :) I’m boring so I’d most like to win the charger. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to charge many things and not been able to.

  7. I would love the swivel charger! That sounds amazing. I’ve also been loosely investigating portable speakers and JBL Flip 2 sounds like it packs great quality into a nice size.

  8. I would love to win the Olloclip or Sanuk Footwear! I already use some flip flops from Sanuk that are made from yoga mat material and they are the comfiest sandals ever!

  9. This is a killer giveaway. I’d love the iPhone lenses if I were an iPhone user, but the headphone splitter and bluetooth speaker are probably what I’d used most. Well, and the Belkin multiplug thing, that is a necessity I am without.

  10. I wish I had known about some of these cool travel accessories before! The swivel charger is particularly genius. :)

  11. Great assortment of travel stuff! I totally agree with wearing shoes that don’t make you look like a super tourist and on our last trip, a Bluetooth JBL speaker was awesome to have, especially for getting ready before going out. That charger and that Olloclip look like a welcome addition to my backpack.

  12. What an awesome giveaway !! The shoes are what stood out for me the most, I can never get a pair of comfy and stylish shoes for when I travel .

  13. I’m usually against getting stuff on Christmas for a bunch of reasons. One, I’m always on the move and don’t have room to carry things around. Two, I’m a big proponent of owning only things that give true value to your life. If it doesn’t provide good use or entertainment to me, I don’t want it.

    That being said, the Sanuk shoes look pretty awesome. I’ve never owned ‘travel shoes’ but wouldn’t be opposed to trying some out!

  14. I would love to win the Olloclip-I use my iphone when I travel and would love more versatility in the types of photos I take!

  15. I would really love to get a Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger.
    It would be super useful while traveling as I usually stay at guesthouses where there is only sole socket and I want to charge my kindle, iPhone and camera at once.
    I couldn’t find the rules for the giveaway, so I hope I am eligible to take part in it with this comment! :)

  16. Everything is incredible, but I’m most excited about the JBL portable speaker. I can’t be without my music and I really dislike the sound quality on my phone without headphones. Thank you and have a great Christmas!

  17. Would be great for my travels, there is a lot of time wasted trying to charge more than one item at a time and great music deserves a great speaker. Thanks for offering these up to people, have a great holiday season!

  18. These all look amazing! Personally, I’d love the olloclip the most. I think I’d use it every day because while I love photography, I can’t stand lugging a camera around on my travels – this could be a perfect solution!

  19. I would love the Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger because I always have a ton of things to charge: my phone, laptop, camera, ebook reader! I just recently discovered your blog because I landed on your How To Become an Au Pair page and I’ve been reading all your posts! Hope to see more of your adventures :)

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