Back From My World Trip and Kicking Off the Blog!

Hey lovelies! Guess who’s back in the beautiful US of A? This blogger.

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Life is good- I’m happy to be home, as always, but I won’t lie- I’m feeling the post-Asia blues a bit more acutely than usual. Life here is just so much more expensive and boring (no offense, Michigan!), and I miss the chaos and the cheap beer and the plastic stools of Southeast Asia.

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The best part of being home- my little brother and sister.

Regardless, now that I’m home the blog is back on! I’ve missed blogging a ton in the last four months, and not having my laptop definitely changed my travels for better and for worse.

And while I’m trying to stay grateful and enjoy the moment, my head is clouded with worry: worry about finding a job, settling down (or not?) and especially about replenishing my very lean bank accounts. (How one can spend $3,000 dollars in one month in Southeast Asia is a mystery to me, but here I stand.)

I’ve never had less of a plan than I do right now, and the world is truly my oyster- my current job hunt stretches from Shanghai to Paris to San Francisco. I may be anywhere in a year.

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Anyway, enough about me- how are you guys? How are your summers going so far? Any travel plans?

Tons and tons of bisous,

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Ashley is a travel and lifestyle blogger who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since college she has au paired in Paris, backpacked the world solo, and lived in Uganda. Her work has been featured by Buzzfeed, Forbes, TripAdvisor, and Glamour Magazine.

39 thoughts on “Back From My World Trip and Kicking Off the Blog!”

  1. Enjoy your time at home and working and spending quality time with the family. I think it’s good to break from travelling to focus on other things. You’ll know when it’s time to hit the road again!

  2. I know so well what you mean about the post-Asia blues. I am always feeling that when coming home from Asia and when I overcome it, I have mostly already planned and booked my next trip. This time it seems to be a bit longer. I am curious to read where you will be in one year.

  3. Hah, I’m at home in Michigan for the summer, studying for the bar exam, and even though I will always love Michigan, I feel you on the “boring” thing. Good luck on the job search!

  4. I would definitely have the blues too! When I came back from Ireland a few months ago I definitely was in a imhappytobehomebutiwannagoagain! It’s hard! Currently applying for summer study abroad and will hopefully be in Prague next summer! Hope the job hunt goes well :)

  5. It would seem that I’ve stumbled across your blog at just the right time then! It’s always nice to come home but then you get overwhelmed by the urge to travel again and the cycle repeats itself. I am from, and live in England, but will be embarking on a three week road trip across America in September. Not really summer but hey, I’m seriously looking forward to it. Glad you’re back in the blogging world, I look forward to keeping up with your posts :)

  6. Welcome back to the blogging world! I’ve missed your posts and I’m looking forward to reading about all your Asian adventures! Also, are you looking for jobs in Germany as well? :)

  7. I’m so excited to hear about your Asian adventures, as I am planning on in the future! For my travel plans, I’m heading to Bolivia in about 2 weeks, then back to the states! I’m so excited!!

  8. Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere! I hear you about the post-Asia blues, the first few weeks back home are always pretty surreal. I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  9. Looking forward to reading about the last four months! And interested to know more about your travels without a laptop… is it possible these days?!

  10. Bienvenidos a la casa otra vez :) So looking forward to reading your India posts! Good luck with getting things figured out, I’m still trying to do that.

    $3k in one month in SE Asia, madre de dios. Quite the feat I’m sure! Summer is okay-wish it would rain less lol. Off to Peru next month, so excited.

    • Okay I should’ve clarified that $1,300 of that was in flights, including my flight home… but still. Last year I spent like $1,000 a month! And yes, I’m sure we will hang out this summer!

  11. I can totally relate to your post-Asia blues. After spending 7 months traveling around Southeast Asia and it was so weird (and expensive) to be back home in California. During my stint back in the US I really, really missed being in Asia. I hope your adjustment and job hunt go smoothly :)

  12. Welcome back to The Grid, haha! I’ve enjoyed following your travels via Instagram these past couple months and am looking forward to hearing your drawn-out thoughts in blog post form in the months to come. Good luck in the job hunt now that your long-term traveling days are behind you! :)

    BTW are you still accepting submissions for your My Local Eats series? I’d love to contribute with a post about Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain if it’s still A Thing. Thanks!

  13. Ok well Ashley, Do you have to stop traveling? Are you working just to replenish funds spent? What if you expanded your job search to outside the US ( ie: Suzy Dansby in Istanbul teaching English) just curious… I get it that you are trying to figure out what’s next and you are wide open. I’m glad for the experiences you’ve had thus far, now you will have no fear if something out of the ordinary comes up. Miss you and love and hugs.

  14. I’m glad to see your back to blogging, I’m looking forward to reading about your trip. Your in an exciting place right now, no plans can be daunting for sure, but there are literally endless options aren’t there? Good luck choosing just one!

  15. The end of a trip is always a bit sad, but the openness of where you’ll be living next is definitely exciting. I won’t be setting off into Southeast Asia until my contract in Korea is up (although I’m heading to Cambodia in a month!), but the planning is making me very restless to get going!

  16. Thanks for having shared your travel adventures . Hope that you have enjoyed your stay in Vietnam . The pic of steamed rolls ( banh cuon ) is nice , as well as vermicelli with eel ( miên luon ) , I miss these dishes a lot . Good luck for your job hunting .

  17. Welcome back Ashley! Those 4 months have gone quickly haven’t they, meeting you in Madrid feels like yesterday! I’m intrigued about your next steps… and good luck with the job hunt!

  18. I’m glad to see you are back from your trip and blogging again! Look forward to reading about your trip and whatever comes next. If we are ever in MI at the same time (doubtful) it would be nice to grab coffee or something, trade travel tales. Keep it up!


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