Ultimate Luxury at the Samabe Bali

When the same company that owns the Grand Mirage asked me if I would also like to review the Samabe, their brand-new luxury suites and villas, a Bali all inclusive, I couldn’t believe my luck.

My parents are fans of luxury hotels and as a kid I stayed at hotels like the Ritz-Carlton, The Peninsula or the St. Regis on special occasions. But I have never stayed anywhere even close to as luxurious at the Samabe.


When I walked into our ocean suite, I think I actually said, “I feel like Beyoncé right now.” And when I was introduced to our personal butler for the day, I really did.

As we were granted the “Unlimited Priviledge” package, everything was complimentary: one massage a day, the mini bar, room service and all meals and alcohol.


The view from our suite. Talk about an ocean view…

We made the most of our 24 hours in paradise. From an Indonesian cooking class…


to lounging out on the pristine beach, enjoying an afternoon tea service…


to knocking back a few drinks. (Obviously.)


One of my favorite features of the resort was the infinity pool. We headed there for a dip at sunset and I now know you haven’t lived until you’ve sipped a rum cocktail under a technicolor sunset while swimming in an infinity pool.


After the pool we enjoyed a five-course, oceanside meal.

And then in the morning we woke up to a complimentary multi-course breakfast in the room. Let’s just say we ate very well at the Samabe.


After breakfast I took a tour of the grounds. There really are no words for how beautiful the design is so please take a look.


Needless to say I postponed leaving as much as possible; the hotel even offered us a four p.m. check-out!

Overall I would highly, highly recommend the Samabe if you’re looking for a special vacation like a honeymoon or anniversary. I have never felt so taken care of at a hotel; from the personal butler to the beachside tea service.

Have you ever stayed at a high-end luxury resort?

The Samabe generously hosted my stay for one night. As always, all opinions are completely my own.

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15 thoughts on “Ultimate Luxury at the Samabe Bali”

  1. Maybe it is the perpetual cold that is rocking us here in Boston, but this made me want to book a flight to Bali immediately! What a fantastic experience for you and I’m sure it was much needed after all your backpacking. I love your line about not having lived until you have sipped a cocktail while watching a sunset in an infinity pool – so accurate!

  2. You make it sound so desirable that I would like to go there and never
    leave. What is better than beautiful scenery, a lovely pool, a massage
    to relax you even more, and sleep on a bed like a cloud. I am so glad
    you had that pleasure.



  3. Oh wow looks amazing. You can’t really say no to having a personal butler and I love a good infinity pool! Nice that they offered the 4pm check out too- I hate having to check out at 11am!

  4. Damn I need a vacation. hahah, thanks for sharing everything is so well thought out. Great service just ties everything together.

  5. Gorgeous all the way through and the photos are lovely. Pure Luxury.
    Yes, I’ve done the luxury route in Hong Kong, Bangkok Vietnam, and L.A. Chiefly at the end of an exhausting “holiday” LOL!

  6. Last summer my wife and I were looking for a special place to celebrate our 10th anniversary! We already have two kids and really needed a break from our routine. We are –let’s say- holiday maniacs and we always travel all around the world to experience new things, so our expectations were really high! Searching through the internet we fell on the Samabe resort in Bali. The website’s photos drove us away! It looked like paradise! We immediately booked the hotel and were ready to offer ourselves an amazingly relaxing experience! But the reality proved to be much better than our dreams! Perfect service, every luxury lying on our feet-we were treated like royals! The view from the room was so unbelievable, that it couldn’t even be captured in a photo! The facilities and especially the spa room gave us plenty of pleasure and helped us refill our batteries and….renew our marriage! Going back home, we keep these precious memories and recommend everyone to visit it as well!

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