My Favorite Paris Food Splurge: Lunch at Pierre Sang

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After a year of thoroughly exploring the Paris restaurant scene,  there was still one gaping hole in my virtual foodie CV- going out for a fancy meal. So for my last lunch in Paris, I headed to Pierre Sang with my Paris-based PIC, Edna.

And in the spirit of going all out on my last day in city, we opted for the 35-euro five-course menu. When in Paris, right?

The meal started off with the best butter I’ve ever had in my life- salt-flecked, creamy and soft. Yum.


Butter from Normandy= crack.

Next came the amuse-bouche. What I love about Pierre Sang is that the menu changes every day, and that the waitstaff will only tell you what you’re having after you’ve already eaten it… it’s kind of like rehab for picky eaters.


Which is how I ended up eating raw rabbit breast that I thought was squid. Oops.Pierre_Sang_2

Pierre_Sang_3Overall I was really impressed with the quality of food. Pierre Sang was born in South Korea and was adopted by a French family when he was seven, and I could definitely taste the blend of Eastern-Western flavors in his food. He uses Western ingredients but prepares them with an Asian respect to flavors: tangy, sweet, spicy and salty all at the same time.


Pierre_Sang_5The cheese course which our server actually forgot to bring so we reminded him after we had dessert… but he was so sweet we didn’t care!Pierre_Sang_6


A shot of the master himself- Pierre Sang!

Where is your favorite place to splurge in Paris?

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Paris Food Splurge: Lunch at Pierre Sang”

  1. Wow, one of the only things missing here in Korea is cheese, so this looks like the best of both worlds! I wonder what kinds of Korean foods he was using as inspiration–these foods are a lot more gourmet than any foods I’ve seen here! (but they better be for 35 euros, right?) So cool you got to try this cool type of fusion food! :D

    • I think it was less Korean-influenced and more of an Asian-style of cooking with each flavor integrated into the dish, and lots of sour notes. And I’ve heard about the lack of cheese in Asia- after a year in France I’m going to die!

  2. That meal looks incredible! But why is it that fancy food portions always look so small? Even after a year in Asia I can’t help thinking that those servings are TINY! (Then again, I’d surely fill up on all that luscious cheese! Yum!)

    • I know! Deep-down it kills me to pay so much for such small portions of food, which is why I only did it once on my stay in Paris. I’d much rather fill up on a cheap, delicious meal at a market than be served tiny portions at high prices!

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