The Most Parisian Park in Paris, the Jardin du Luxembourg

Spring is an undeniably beautiful phenomenon, especially when you live in Paris. After the long, overcast winter the sun finally shines, the flowers burst open in color and the city-dwellers stroll Paris’ many parks feeling a little… lighter. As I learned this spring, there’s nothing like feeling sun on your face after enduring months of living under eternally overcast skies.

The only problem with the Parisian spring is that it goes as fast as it comes. As I write this I know that spring is essentially over and a new season is already upon us. But there’s nothing wrong with a little reminiscing, right?

Never one to miss out on a balmy Saturday, I called Edna to meet up at the Jardin du Luxembourg, the much-photographed left-bank park located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.




For better or for worse, Jardin du Luxembourg is the most quintessentially Parisian park. From the “pelouse interdite” (French for “keep off the grass”) to the passerbys griping about the atrocious Montparnasse Tower (the sky-scraping eyesore pictured below at right), this park is as Parisian as they come.

Paris Edna May

And although it’s a touch snooty for my taste, it’s awash in a refined sort of charm, from the pristine tulip beds to the children racing model boats in the fountain.


Can you spot the Eiffel Tower peeking out from above the trees?


Paris Edna May1

Being as this was an Ashley and Edna outing, there was naturally delicious food involved. Eats of the day included still-warm baguette, cold Breton cider (brut, of course) and the best rotisserie chicken of our lives.

Paris Edna May2

I ♥ impromptu Parisian picnics.




It’s the little moments like this I will remember from my time in Paris – talking with a friend under the palm trees in the Jardin du Luxembourg, drinking cider and watching the shadows grow long.

Have ever visited the Jardin du Luxembourg?

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14 thoughts on “The Most Parisian Park in Paris, the Jardin du Luxembourg”

  1. Yes, Ashley, Papa Lou and I visited the Luxembourg Gardens on every trip we took to Paris. Parks in Paris are always worth a visit. Love your photos!!!


  2. Back when I took French classes in Paris, my school was located really close to the Jardin de Luxembourg, so we’d often spent our lunch break there – I have a lot of great memories there and it’s definitely my favorite park in Paris! My favorite area isn’t around the main fountain, though, but just from the entrance at Rue Vavin to Boulevard Saint-Michel.

    It’s not as typical Parisian, but a bit more of a landscape park, but I’m not really into the classical French garden style anyway, so I love this part!


  3. I’m not so much of a “Jardineur” but when I was there it was great for people watching.

    Kinda looks like Anthony Bourdain over your head in the second last picture :)

  4. Hi Ashley, your Mother and I just read this post and we found it excellent, interesting reading and we loved the pictures! We want your life to be interesting and extraordinary and we are OK with you earnestly embracing the sublime while avoiding the robotic masses with alacrity…Live be Free! –

  5. I ended up having lunch at Jardin du Luxembourg yesterday! I loved that you can see the Eiffel Tower from there — and that they have palm trees! Visiting this park is like a mini-vacation!

  6. I’ve never managed to visit the Luxembourg Gardens in previous trips to Paris, but this post is reminding me that I have to get there next time! Lovely photos.

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