5 French Expressions That Will Help You Survive Paris

Cafe in Paris

Paris can feel intimidating to the first-time traveler. It’s not the herds of Peugeots careening around one-way streets or the plenitude of dog droppings on the sidewalks; it’s the Parisians. Like New York, Paris is a busy place where most people are in a hurry. Parisians just don’t have time for the poor French of us tourists (ahem, travelers). … Read more

How to Order a Baguette Like a Parisian

Pain au levain

Wondering how to order a baguette properly? Look no further. In France, bread is a daily staple. Everyday, mothers send their kids to the local boulangerie (bakery) to pick up a baguette. (Sometimes one for breakfast, one for snack/dinner!) But let’s start this baguette guide off with a pop quiz. Which baguette is better? If you … Read more

How the French Stay Thin

One question I am asked a lot on account of spending time in France is, “How do the French stay thin?” And in light of my most recent Francophile food-related posts about delicious food in Paris, French bread and French cheese, I wanted to enlighten my mom readers on how the French indulge in good … Read more