Saying Goodbye to the Backpacking Lifestyle: A Week in Hanoi and Halong Bay


I have a confession. Despite its iffy reputation, I love backpacking. And what do I mean by “backpacking”? Backpacking, by my loose and unofficial definition, is independent international travel on the cheap, typically done by young people from all over the world. Backpacking has a lot of negative connotations- namely drunk teenagers partying on beaches. But I … Read more

The Perfect Two-Week Itinerary for Malaysia

While I didn’t know much about Malaysia before visiting, I quickly came to love it. I journeyed to Malaysia overland from Thailand, and instantly the landscape changed: better, cleaner roads, no billboards, women in colorful headdresses, verdant rice paddies and wild, red-earthed jungle. Second only to Singapore, Malaysia is the richest country in Southeast Asia, … Read more