Au Pair Nightmares: Emily’s Host Mother from Hell in Munich, Germany

Emily was unlucky to have the host mother from hell in Munich, Germany. Here is her story.
The term Au Pair to me was completely foreign until I started researching ways to travel for cheap. Once I learned what it meant, I went on and found a family. (It really is that easy). It was a tough choice for me between Munich and Perth, between two seemingly lovely families.
Ultimately, I did go with Munich, and I always wonder if I would have had a better situation with the Australian family.
The Host Mother from Hell in Germany
I couldn’t pinpoint the exact point when I realized my host mom was insane (for lack of a better word), but the first morning I was there comes to mind. I came upstairs for breakfast and my host mom, my youngest host kid, and the housecleaner were all sitting at the table.
The first comment my host mom made to me was “Wow, you’re way too skinny!” And then she proceeded to weigh me, and the rest of the year she continuously told me how unhealthy I was, how her daughter eats more than me (maybe because bread and cheese can only be a meal so many days in a row?) and how I shouldn’t be vegetarian.
Another instance which comes to mind is one afternoon when my host mom’s mom said to me, “Wow you have really nice skin!”
And my host moms reply? “Ha! No she doesn’t! That’s just makeup.”
The rest of the year was filled with days of backhanded insults and rude comments. I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish, but I ended up leaving after 9 months because of her, and I should have left way before that!
It was an unfortunate situation because my host kids and I really got along well, but when my host kid would ask me to play with her, and my host mom would say “No, Emily has to do laundry,” or “Emily has to pick the moss out of the driveway” (no joke), there wasn’t too much time for bonding.
Oh yeah, and did I mention that my host mom didn’t even work? The host dad was basically invisible, putting in 12 hour days everyday at the office, even on the weekends, he was nice, but our relationship was nonexistent.

Have you ever had a host mother from hell? Share below!

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