2013 – A Traveler’s Review

Now that I’ve written my resolution post for 2014, I also wanted to reflect back on 2013 as well. I also really enjoyed writing my review from last year and wanted to do it again!

Wow, 2013. The year I made a home in France, backpacked Asia solo, fell in love with yoga and suffered countless bouts of food poisoning. (Seriously guys. My stomach is so pathetic these days.)

2013 ran the gamut in so many ways; from a rat-infested shack in Cambodia to a five-star, oceanside villa in Bali to street-truck cricket tacos in Mexico and fatty tuna belly in Japan.

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Happy 23rd Birthday to Me!

Hey everyone! Today is my 23rd birthday. Isn’t that exciting? The 22nd year of my life took me to so many places: I moved to France on a whim, stayed at a 200-year old French apple farm, visited my lovely cousin in Istanbul, drank lots of frothy brews in Germany (twice), shopped for my dream neighborhood in … Read more

Happy Father’s Day to my World Traveling Dad

A lot of travel bloggers write about how they have parents who don’t support their desire to travel or how their parents have never left the country. Fortunately I don’t have the same problem.

But I do have the problem of having parents who are way cooler than me.

And though my entire family is kind of travel-obsessed, (no really, most of them have set foot on every continent) I don’t think anyone is quite as adventurous as my dad.

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2013 Goals & Resolutions

Dingle, Ireland

Hey everyone! Sorry for my extended blog-cation over the holidays, I am now hoping to resume my normal Christmas-shopping free life and start writing again.

So like many others, I wanted to take some time to reflect on not only what happened in 2012, but also what I want to get done in 2013. The older I get the more I realize that I don’t really have many concrete goals in life. All I want is to be a happy, healthy writer who speaks foreign languages, has wonderful family and friends and lives a life full of adventures.

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2012 – A Traveler’s Review

Merrion Square

Hey everyone, I hope your holidays have been very merry! I just wanted to take some time at the end of the year to recap all of the craziness that was 2012. And really guys, it was crazy, I promise.

Without further ado…


The start of the year found me living in Chicago and tackling my last semester of college along with two internships, a part-time job as a cater-waiter and a growing social calendar.

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