First Impressions of Germany

German Christmas Market

So on our first morning in Germany, we were delighted to wake up and find everything covered in snow. Christian, our Couchsurfing host, and his friend Kevin trekked like gentlemen in the fresh powder to fetch us some Brötchen. We draped the yummy rolls with nutty slices of black forest ham and squirted mustard on them … Read more

Things that Surprised Me about Germany


As the train moved into Germany, my view out the window quickly began to change; snow appeared on the ground, the rolling fields of France rose into hills and the earth became covered with tall pine and birch forests. And once I got off the train, I noticed the people were taller, and the bread was darker and earthier.

And while a lot about Germany didn’t surprise me, like the crazy-good beer and tall, handsome men in their business suits, a lot did.

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Saturday Snapshot 10

Cologne Cathedral

This Saturday Snapshot is already a fail because today is CLEARLY not Saturday. But in my defense, my memory card mysteriously lost all of its photos so I had to wait for my friend to Dropbox me what he had. So be nice, I’m a mess over here.

This week (or rather, last week) found me in Cologne for four days having the time of my life. To sum up the weekend it went like this:

German beer + friends + snow + house music + clubbing ’til 6 am + potato latkes = a Teutonic, 22-year old version of heaven.

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