The Insider’s Guide to Au Pairing in Europe

How to live in Europe, travel abroad, and get paid doing it.

Au pairing can be intimidating. After all, how many people are brave enough to:
  • Leave their home
  • Move to another country
  • And live with a family they’ve never met?
Which is where this guide comes in. This guide will walk you through how to become an au pair — from paperwork to visas to making friends abroad.
Hi, I’m Ashley.
I au paired in Paris four times and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Because of au pairing, I got to live in France, travel Europe, learn French, and make lifelong friends — which is why I want to teach you how to do it!
This guide will teach you how to:

Find and choose a great family

Everything you need to know about finding a family, from which questions to ask over Skype and red flags to watch out for.

Negotiate a contract and salary

How to negotiate firmly and get the highest salary possible.
Book a cheap flight to Europe
Tips and tricks for booking cheap flights to Europe from a seasoned traveler. (P.S. I’ve traveled to 18 European countries!)
Navigate the visa process
Which visa you need, how to apply, and how the processes differ country to country.
Pack for a year away
How to pack stylishly for Europe, how to avoid overpacking, and my favorite travel accessories.
Make friends abroad
Everything you need to know about how to make friends once you arrive.
Travel on a budget in Europe
How to travel on a shoestring in Europe; from which airlines to use, eating and drinking on the cheap, and more.
Learn your target language
What you need to know about language school and tips for becoming fluent in your target language.
All yours for only…
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“The Insider’s Guide To Au Pairing in Europe is packed with information and resources on everything from visa requirements to affordable travel. Ashely includes helpful legal information, like the minimum compensation and maximum hours for au pairs in different European countries — you can easily compare without having to look it all up! Knowing all of this would make negotiating a work agreement so much easier.”
“This is the guide I needed when I wanted to spend a summer as an au pair between high school and my first year of university! Instead of poring over numerous websites to try to piece together the information/advice you will need, you can use this guide as your primary au pair source. Anyone who is preparing to begin their au pairing adventure should keep this guide handy to reference before and during the process.”
“Whenever my readers have questions about au pairing in Europe, I send them to Ashley. She’s not only an expert in the subject, but she breaks down the process in a way anyone can understand. And now, you can have all of her tips and wisdom in one ebook. If you want to be an au pair — but don’t know where to start — read this: it’ll answer all of your questions and get you ready for your European adventure!”
“As a former au pair, I can testify that Ashley has thought of everything you could possibly need to know about being an au pair in Europe. She’s included visa processes and minimum au pair wages from a variety of countries, as well as insider tips on how to decide where you want to live, negotiate contracts, and more based on her personal experiences and detailed research.”
“Ashley’s guide to au pairing in Europe is exactly what I needed ten years ago when I finished my undergraduate degree in 2006. Not only does Ashley’s guide dive into the logistics of au pairing – seriously, she covers everything you’d need to know – I loved her personal stories and anecdotes. She truly is the expert on this topic, and I recommend the guide to anyone thinking about au pairing for themselves.”
“Ashley is my go-to when I need answers about anything French, from culture, food, travel and life abroad. If you want to make one of the most exciting decisions of your life, this is the place to look for information not available elsewhere. Not only are you getting an insider’s guide from someone who really cracked into French culture and lifestyle, but it’s also pragmatic and realistic. Not to mention, it’s a steal! For a price like this, you’d be silly to pass it up.”
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