Work With Me

Work With Me

Please note, while I occasionally work with tourism boards and brands, I do not sell sponsored posts or text links, and I do not accept guest posts or sponsored posts. Please do not email me about these things – your email will be deleted, and it will be a waste of my time and yours. Thanks.

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me! Ashley Abroad was founded in 2012 and has built a devoted community of readers interested in all types of travel.

With over two million total page views and 9,000+ blog post comments, Ashley Abroad reaches a highly engaged audience around the world.

I am a trusted voice in the travel industry, and have been featured in Buzzfeed (five times!), as well as Forbes, TripAdvisor, National Geographic, Expedia, and USA Today.

Advertisements Options:

  • Press trip to promote your destination
  • Brand partnership to promote your hotel, adventure activity, food tour, or cooking class

Previous partnerships include:

Tourism boards: Jordan Tourism Board

Accommodation: Best Western, The Library HotelGlamping Hub, Invited HomeSamabe Resort and Villas 

Adventure activities: Scuba IcelandSkywings Paragliding

Food tours/cooking classes: Sabores México Food TourReykjavik Food TourSilom Thai Cooking SchoolHome’s Cooking School

See the 2018 Ashley Abroad Media Kit here.


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For more information please feel free to email me at ashley {at} ashleyabroad {dot} com.