While Niagara Falls has long been known as a top honeymoon destination in North America, it is important to note that this part of the world also happens to be a great place to travel to solo. Safe, clean, easy to get around, and with plenty to do, there are many reasons why you should check out this spot when you get the chance. Read on for some tips for exploring Niagara Falls by yourself.

Check Out the Falls From the Niagara Skywheel

If you love getting a great view of an area from up high, make sure you head to the Niagara SkyWheel. Located on the Canadian side of the Falls, in Clifton Hill, the Ferris wheel takes passengers up to 175-feet high, and gives a spectacular birds-eye view of the natural landmark the area is famous for, as well as the surrounding region.

The largest observation wheel in Canada, the SkyWheel ride last for about 15 minutes and will take you through at least four rotations. The attraction provides a fantastic opportunity to get some memorable photographs of your visit to this part of the world; the view from up high takes in both the Horseshoe and American Falls, plus encompasses miles around in every direction.

If you can, it pays to time your journey on the SkyWheel to sometime after the sun has set. That way, you will have a prime viewing position to see the Falls Illumination, where the cascades are lit up in the colors of the rainbow as part of a spectacular light show. In addition, when it comes to memorable things to do in Niagara Falls, if you visit during the summer season you might see the fireworks let off at the river’s edge. These create an unforgettable show above the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Taste Some Local Wines

If you’re a fan of sitting back and relaxing with a glass of top-quality wine, you’ll be pleased to note that the region around Niagara Falls has plenty of wineries you can visit. There are actually at least 25 vineyards within a 15 to 20 minute drive of Niagara Falls, all set within a beautifully scenic part of North America.

One of the prime spots popular with tourists is the Inniskillin Winery. Situated in the pretty town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, on the Canadian side, this vineyard is famous for Icewine. A sweet dessert wine, Icewine is made from grapes that are frozen on the vine over winter, and then picked and allowed to thaw. This specific process helps create an alcoholic beverage with a very intense flavor.

While at Inniskillin you might decide to take a guided tour to learn about the work it takes to produce the fine bottles of Icewine. These tours are free and take you behind the scenes at the winery. In addition, you will no doubt be interested in sampling a variety of table and dessert wines at the vineyard’s on-site Tasting Bar, where you can also purchase bottles to take home with you.

Apart from Inniskillin, you will find numerous other wineries in the region. Many of them have their own restaurants which offer patrons the chance to enjoy regional cuisine paired with top local drops. For something else extra special, try to visit the Niagara area when one of the many wine-related festivals is being held. For example, there is the Niagara Icewine Festival run every January; the Niagara Wine Festival held in fall; or the Niagara New Vintage Festival in summer.

Go Back in Time at the Old Fort Niagara

If you can never get enough of the History Channel on TV, or just want to find out more about the military past of the Niagara region, you should plan a visit to the Old Fort Niagara. Here you can go back in time as you check out the oldest operational fort of its type in the U.S.

Built in the 1700s, Old Fort Niagara was built as a way of helping soldiers take the high ground against opponents during war. Primarily it was used during the Indian, Revolutionary, and French conflicts, and ownership and use of the fort shifted over the years between the Native American, American, British, and French troops.

You will find that the structure, both inside and out, has been kept quite intact. As a result, during a trip to the Fort you can check out numerous well-preserved cannons, barracks, and other exhibits. You can also enjoy a self-guided audio tour, and take in the musket demonstrations which are held every hour. In addition, if your visit coincides with one of the site’s special event periods, you may want to watch and meet re-enactors who recreate the lives and fights of various past garrison members on-site.

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