Hey guys, today I have a guest post about luxury travel in Africa – specifically to Mozambique! Hope you enjoy :)

When you look at the list of popular places to visit in Africa, Vamizi Island may not feature on them.  You may never have heard of it before and that’s one of the reasons that it makes a superb luxury getaway – it is a hidden gem on the northern coast of Mozambique.  So, what does the island offer to visitors?

A little background

Vamizi island was originally called Amisa and was visited by Arab sailors as early as the 15th century.  They set up a cloth industry there along with the collection or production of luxury items such as indigo, ivory, manna gum and turtle shells.  When the Portuguese arrived, they began trading with the people on the island and their products spread around the world.

One of the notable things about the island is that it is home to some 180 species of coral and over 400 species of reef fish.  This has meant it is now a protection island with several conservation projects taking place.  The turtles, once exploited for their shells, are now protected and there is a UK charity that helps with a range of projects on the island called the Friends of Vamizi Trust.

Accommodation and facilities

Vamizi Island offers a range of luxury accommodation to suit all party sizes.  There are a number of high-quality villas that offer beach front locations with privacy and exclusivity as part of the package.  These villas can accommodate up to 12-16 people so are ideal if you want to travel with a group of friends or extended family.  Villas come with their chef and hospitality team and each has its own 4×4 vehicle with driver to get around the island.

Things to see and do

With the range of wildlife on and around the island, it is a great opportunity to get close to nature.  As well as the fish and turtles, there are humpback whales and giant coconut crab in the waters as well as samango monkeys and a staggering 132 bird species.  Sailing in a traditional dhow is a great way to see the island from the sea while there is also the facility to kayak through the estuary cutting across the island and see the rare mangrove forest.

Neptune’s Arm is one of the top ten dive sites in the world and is just off the island.  This offers a fantastic chance for moderate to advanced divers to see the coral reefs and the varied marine life that make Vamizi Island so important.

The eastern side of the island is the best for the desert island experience and home to the turtles so this is a great place to go for a picnic.  It is popular with honeymooners and those who want to have a little quiet time, enjoying the scenery and the wildlife.

A perfect getaway

When people talk about the perfect island getaway, Vamizi Island is just the kind of place they envision.  With spa facilities and yoga teachers, in-house chefs and amazing villas, the place offers luxury and the best of island wildlife for an idyllic getaway.

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Ashley Fleckenstein

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