So today I'm introducing a new guest post series on my blog called, “My Local Eats”!

In these posts you can write about all that is edible, drink-able, and most importantly, delicious in your city. This could be anything from a street cart to a closed-door restaurant. Also fair game would be a brewery tour, regional specialty, sushi bar, creperie, cocktail lounge or farmers market… so get creative!

My Local Eats Collage

You could write about your favorite coffee shop…

Coffee Parisien

Your local ramen fix…

Rue Saint-Anne

Where you buy your favorite pastries…


Or simply the restaurant where you have all of your birthdays.

Le Comptoir

I just want to hear about what you like to eat or drink in your city, that's it. And it doesn't have to be favorite places to eat in your hometown, but could also be wherever you are currently living as an expat. I would suggest including:

  • Between three to five places, and a description of your experience there/why you like it
  •  Pictures
  • A link to the establishment's website (if there is one)
  •  The address, subway stop and the hours/days that it's open
  • And a quick 3-7 sentence blurb and photo of you, the author, of course!

So if you want to contribute just send me an email and we'll talk! I'd love to feature your writing. Contact me at Ashley {at} ashleyabroad {dot} com.

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Ashley Fleckenstein

Ashley Fleckenstein

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