I spent last Saturday strolling the famed Eastern Market in Detroit, and truth be told, it was my first time there. And it was awesome.

Eastern Market Street Art

Street art outside of the market. I'm thinking it's a vegetable cow?

Detroit Eastern Market vendor

Full disclosure: What appears to be a candid purchase of baby eggplants is actually a highly staged photo-shoot of my friend's mom buying produce. I'm cool like that. 

While I would never call myself a Detroiter (Eminem ruthlessly bashed my high school in 8 Mile, oh the shame), I do feel a lot of pride for the city and for how far it's come.

The market was just how I like markets: bustling, proletariat and filled to the rafters with gorgeous produce at low prices. There wasn't a hint of pretension anywhere, just small businesses and farmers selling their wares.

Now please take a look at these beautiful vegetables rife in autumnal splendor…

Beets and carrots

Concord grapes


The service wasn't bad either. See the helpful overall-clad gentleman below who let me take his picture.

Great Lakes Coffee

By the end of it I walked away with Great Lakes coffee, wax beans, a gigantic stalk of brussels sprouts and a greater understanding of what Detroit's up to these days. I'll be back to the Detroit Eastern Market soon.

Have you ever visited Detroit Eastern Market? What did you think?

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Ashley Fleckenstein

Ashley Fleckenstein

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Ashley Fleckenstein