Summiting Cologne’s Gigantic Gothic Cathedral

Cologne’s Cathedral, also known as the Dom Cologne, is Germany’s most-visited landmark- and it’s certainly impressive from the ground, but even more impressive from the top.

But to get to the top? One must endured 509 lung-burning, steep, positively medieval steps packed to the gills with other tourists.

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A Harrowing Visit to a Nazi Interrogation Prison in Cologne, Germany

I am no stranger to museums commemorating World War II history, and particularly the Holocaust; I’ve visited everywhere from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. And while Cologne’s NS-Dokumentationszentrum, a former Nazi interrogation prison, is not a Jewish memorial, it possesses a similar spirit and was an even … Read more

Eating, Drinking and Being Merry at Cologne’s Happiest Christmas Market

Christmas Market Cologne

One of the highlights of my Germany trip was a visit to Cologne’s oldest Christmas market, Markt Der Engel. And though we visited five different Christmas markets during our stay in Cologne, I have to say this one was my favorite by far. Everything about the ambiance was simply magical, from the stars twinkling in the … Read more

Things that Surprised Me about Germany


As the train moved into Germany, my view out the window quickly began to change; snow appeared on the ground, the rolling fields of France rose into hills and the earth became covered with tall pine and birch forests. And once I got off the train, I noticed the people were taller, and the bread was darker and earthier.

And while a lot about Germany didn’t surprise me, like the crazy-good beer and tall, handsome men in their business suits, a lot did.

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