Just Porter: An Amazing Backpack for Travelers (That Gives Back Too!)

It’s safe to say I’m a backpack girl. I toted a backpack all through high school and I carried both a backpack and frontpack around the world for a year. No sleek Madewell totes for this blogger.

 Courtesy of Just Porter
So when Just Porter asked me to review their new line of backpacks, I was stoked- first of all, their backpacks are gorgeous. And secondly, they support a phenomenal cause. For each Just Porter backpack you buy, Just Porter gives a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need.
“For each bag purchased, Just Porter manufactures a give bag and fills it with school supplies then gives it to a child in need. But, Just Porter’s charitable giving goes beyond parachuting and dumping goods onto poor communities. They actually work with the communities to manufacture their Give Bags locally and purchase their supplies from the local markets. They are working at creating a sustainable solution using education and creating jobs in the areas they give.”
Which to me seems like a pretty genius business model- provide customers with a high-quality product and in return help break the cycle of poverty in developing nations? Yes, please.
The backpack I chose- the Hazen Professional. Photo courtesy of Just Porter.
So back to the backpack itself- as a self-professed backpack connoisseur, there are several essentials I look for in backpacks:
  • A tiny pouch in the top to store little things like jewelry, medication, lipbalm or an eyemask.
  • A laptop sleeve.
  • An organizer in the front pocket for things like pens, sharpies, hair ties and a little notebook.
  • A chest strap for hiking.
I’m pleased to report Just Porter’s packs have all of these features.  The only downside I could find was the lack of a water bottle pouch.
So far I’ve used my Just Porter backpack on multiple ski trips and a business trip to Salt Lake City, but mostly to take my laptop to the local coffee shop. (Am I the only one who is physically incapable of blogging at home?)

Just Porter Backpack

Just Porter Backpack

Overall I really love my Just Porter pack, and find it incredibly versatile. I’ve used it a ton so far and definitely intend to use it when hiking the Rockies next summer. And of course I love Just Porter’s overall mission statement.
For more info on Just Porter, check out the video below, or their Kickstarter campaign.

Do you carry a backpack too? And what do you think of the Just Porter business model?

Just Porter provided me with a Hazen Professional backpack to review. As always, all opinions are completely my own.

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20 thoughts on “Just Porter: An Amazing Backpack for Travelers (That Gives Back Too!)”

  1. This is timely because I am looking for a good laptop backpack! I generally travel with a suitcase and a backpack, that way I still have one hand free when in transit. Do you think this bag is big and sturdy enough to carry camera equipment too though?

    • Hi Michelle, I definitely do actually! I use mine to carry my Canon T2i and love that the inside has tons of padding. The only thing is that as it’s a backpack it doesn’t have slots for lenses- I would look into buying a JoTotes or Ona bag if that’s something you need :)

  2. I’m definitely a backpack girl and I’m still on a quest to find a good backpack that will fit my laptop. I really love the business model of this company. And I especially appreciate that they manufacture their products in a way that directly benefits the local community. Not a lot of companies go to such lengths.

    • I really appreciate that too! This backpack would definitely be excellent as a frontpack for carrying your camera, laptop, etc. And I especially love that it has the waist strap- excellent if you’re into doing adventure activities while traveling :)

  3. It’s a cute and useful design, love the laptop pocket too. Can definitely get behind a company that has a good cause at heart too.

  4. I’ve not been a backpack girl since primary school, but having just moved to Amsterdam and taken up cycling everywhere I am on the hunt for the perfect backpack. This one looks great… and still pretty stylish! Think I know what next month’s paycheque will be going towards…

  5. I’m not currently in need of a new backpack, but I will definitely keep Just Porter in mind for when I am — it sounds like it has all the essentials I look for, and I am always a sucker for a company that is promoting access to education and local sourcing of materials. Sounds like a wonderful company and a great product. Thanks for the glowing review!

    PS — even though my current pack has a water bottle compartment, I find it much more convenient to clip mine in using the compression straps on the side [I use a Nalgene, so it’s easy]. with traveling in India, I find myself getting jostled around a lot, and then I’m always paranoid that the bottle will fall out, so I’ve found I feel better doing this.

    • Glad you liked the review, Veena! When Just Porter pitched me I couldn’t resist testing out a company that supports impoverished communities around the world through education. And yes, that does seem to be a better idea for travel as I always worry about losing my water bottle too :)

  6. This backpack looks great and very versatile! I personally love the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks – they’re rather simple but come in different sizes and a rainbow of colors!

  7. My husband and I decided to elope in Italy, we were going to be gone for two weeks, and the thought of dragging luggage around on cobble stone streets was not ideal. So I did some research, and we invested in two Osprey Porter 42 backpacks. They were perfect for our trip, and we’re still able to use them for everyday life when we go biking!

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